7 reasons you need security cameras and alarms.

1) Possibly the most valuable, PEACE OF MIND!

Knowing that your house or business is protected WILL help you sleep better at night and worry less when you're away.

"Did I just hear someone outside"? - Simply pickup your phone and check your cameras!

Our security camera systems will give you an alert to your phone if someone enters your property

2) Are your kids doing the right thing?

Are they sneaking out at night? What friends are they bringing to the house?

Our camera systems allow you to see exactly what time people come and go from your premises. The clarity of our high definition cameras allow you to zoom in and easily identify people.

3) Monitor your pets while you're away! I mean, who doesn't want to see what their fur family get up to during the day!

4) VISUAL DETERRENT! - Statistics show that 90% of burglars will move on to the next house or street if they spot GOOD QUALITY cameras and window stickers.

Triton Services supply complimentary visual deterrent window stickers on completion of every install!

5) PARCEL AND DELIVERY THEFT - With the increase in online shopping, many packages are being left on doorsteps. This makes it easy for opportunistic thieves to simply take your delivery and walk away. CCTV systems are not only a deterrent, but a means of identifying suspects.

6) ACT FAST! - If your car is being stolen, or someone is trying to break in, you would have already received an alert to your phone. This gives you the jump on the crook and allows you to ACT FAST! You can call the police or send a neighbour over to prevent the event!

7) REDUCE YOUR INSURANCE PREMIUMS - Check with your insurance company. Most will offer you a decent reduction on your premiums if you have security cameras and an alarm system!

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